H2O Urban

The meeting and discussion venue for the entire water services sector, where participants can discover the latest technologies, treatment systems, equipment and services for management of mains water, process water and wastewater for civil use.

Thanks to the regulatory choices made by AEEGSI, Italy has embarked on a new virtuous cycle of investment growth following the partial freeze in recent years.
The exhibition H2O will explore a number of themes, including the need to focus on technological innovation and infrastructure development in order to adapt the service to the highest quality standards, and the need to maintain a high level of regulation at a national level with effective local support. Again this year the exhibition will be accompanied by an extensive programme of conferences and technical workshops with internationally renowned speakers.


Scientific conferences and technical workshop

Important contributions will also be made by universities and research institutes (CSSI, CSDU and the Universities of Bologna and Florence) on themes including leak detection techniques (from those based on pressure control to techniques using flow and pressure measurements at various nodes in the network), water supply methods in conditions of scarcity, methods for determining sustainability of specific forms of supply, and the latest strategies for managing initial rainwater. The scientific and technological aspects of monitoring, control of impact on reservoirs, and treatment methods will also be reviewed.

Other important contributions will be made by Althesis (performance and strategies of Italian water utilities), Ref Ricerche (comparison between the possible ways of increasing the dimensions of water service operators through the presentation of experiences and best practices) and ATERSIR (issues of environmental quality, investments and economic sustainability).

A number of leading trade associations, manufacturers and service providers will also be organising important seminars and workshops. These include IATT which will explore the new frontiers in trenchless technologies; IIS which will discuss the quality requirements for welding of polyethylene pipes used to transport combustible gases, water and other pressurised fluids; and ANIE which will discuss the theme of remote monitoring technologies and applications at a conference entitled “The remote monitoring system: Italian excellence for a safe and sustainable water service”. Contributions will also be made by the Water System Safety Working Group of AIIC (Italian Association of Critical Infrastructure Experts) on the theme of the Water Safety Plan and Water Leakage Management, and by AIS (Italian Instrumental Technicians’ Association) on the theme of online chemical analysis in the water sector.

Key events will also be organised by FAST on the theme of “Diagnostic techniques and strategies for reducing water leakages: locating pressure surges and pressure regulation”, including a discussion of application techniques in the presence of major operators; HOBAS on “Trenchless installation techniques for building modern sewage pipelines and improving their efficiency; interaction with innovative precast elements”; and CAPRARI on “Energy efficiency in pumping: from the Product Approach to the Extended Product Approach”.



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New communication, networking and multimedia opportunities

With its new strategic vision, H2O is the key event for exploring the most topical issues in the industry through the Urban, Industry and CH4 sections.
The H2O Academy initiatives provide specialist training and information relevant to all sectors.
This new concept aims to promote H2O’s role in providing services to professionals
in search of information, solutions and technologies in highly complex sectors.

H2O is a unique occasion for creating business opportunities and for discovering today’s innovations and tomorrow’s technologies.