Manage water between drought, innovation and the digital challenge

Thursday 18 October 2018
14:00 - 17:30

It aims to present and discuss the latest developments, strategies, techniques and applications of international best practices in the Innovative Management of Water Networks and urban drainage systems

  • Session 3 – Asset Management & Energy Management
  • Session 4 – Emerging Technologies, Innovation & Eu Projects


14:00 – 15:30: Session 3: “ASSET MANAGEMENT & ENERGY MANAGEMENT”

Chair: Malcolm Farley, IWA WLSG


Energy is the major cost component in managing a water distribution system. Advanced data management and optimization tools can greatly reduce energy consumption while helping utilities to guarantee required level of service, increase resilience and improve efficiency in operation. Asset management is a strategic activity which should be based on sound knowledge of actual asset condition to optimize investment planning and prioritize limited available budget while guaranteeing sustainable management of water infrastructure. Technologies for condition assessment and advanced case studies on asset management and energy optimization will be presented by leading experts and utilities.

  1. Energy optimisation of a large water distribution system, Fabio Marelli, MM, IT
  2. Asset management strategy in HERA, Claudio Anzalone, HERA, IT
  3. Investment planning in TEA water system, Manuela Pedroni, TEA, IT
  4. Optimal sensors’ placement and quality of service in water distribution, Gabriele Freni, Unikore, IT



15:30 - 16:00 BREAK


16:00 – 17:30: Session 4: “EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES, INNOVATION & EU PROJECTS” Chair: Prof. Gabriele Freni, Unikore, HydroInformatics, IT


Innovation is a key component in managing water and wastewater systems to comply with actual challenges and regulation requirements. This session will present emerging technologies, experiences and ongoing EC funded projects of leading European innovative organisations.

  1. The impacts of innovation in FP7/H2020 projects, Gabriel Anzaldi, Eurecat, ES
  2. Smart Services, Technology and Innovation in the water cycle, Eva Martinez Diaz, Aqualia, ES
  3. Waste water network connect, Alin Ene, Grundfos, DK
  4. Advanced tools for condition assessment and leakage monitoring, Bastian Piltz, ISLE Utilities, DE






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