New production strategy in the water treatment sector

Wednesday 17 October 2018
13:00 - 14:00

The segment of chemicals for water treatment needs to evolve in line with the increasing attention to ‘social’ effects of these productions. For this reason, even basic chemistry productions for such applications must embrace the principles of responsibility, sustainability and innovativeness. Società Chimica Bussi SpA has focused its industrial development strategy on this segment and the new PAC and Sodium Chlorite plants, currently under construction, have been planned based on these principles and with the aim of demonstrating that the basic chemistry productions can be done in an environmentally sustainable way and with outputs that can positively affect the environment. During the presentation the Società Chimica Bussi strategy will be explained and the main technologies that characterize the two mentioned productions will be shown.

ROOM Industry Best Practice - Hall 18 CAFFARO BRESCIA

Speakers :

Dott. Domenico Greco

Ing. Carlo Cappellani

Ing. Pietro Schillaci

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