Topics of the programme

The problems, linked to natural events and other, that affect the functioning of the gas networks and water services are news that involve us every day, but the successes, investments in innovation, and the brilliant results of some technological decisions in design, construction, maintenance and operation of the networks are only rarely reported.


ACCADUEO offers space for discussion to institutions, regulators, companies, and utilities to point out the deficiencies in the system, find the bases for developing new resources, and providing high-quality service. But specially to evidence the actions, strategies, and technologies tested in renewing infrastructure, developing water resources, and protecting the environment by recounting domestic and international case histories. And cases of technological excellence.


The keys to following the H2O program of information and training will be innovation, digitization, network maintenance and operation, and the best practices of industry and utilities.


Accadueo: we add value to water