Technological platform for the water service integrated management

Thursday 18 October 2018
14:30 - 15:30

The increasing complexity, which characterizes the water service management, today more than ever requires an advanced information environment that has its hub in the remote monitoring system, which is decisive for its supervision and control functions, but above all strategic as a Decision Support System (DSS).

For this Fast, instead of remote monitoring system, prefer to talk about technological platform: on this, in fact, many specialized applications can be integrated; these applications can be used by the aqueduct employees and can be enriched depending on the availability of IT tools useful for the network management.

A shared information platform is necessary to contain every entity that characterizes the networks: territory, structures, tools, data, behaviours are able to depict both real and virtual situations. All this to the benefit of consumers and providers, who, with different tasks, from the service manager to the administration through the maintenance department, contribute to the optimal water service management.

The system thus conceived provides reliable indications for Business Management, reduces the number of operations with a consequent improvement in the roles involvement and internal efficiency, improves the water resource economy, with a strong reduction in losses and breakages, preserves the network infrastructures, reducing interventions and maintenance costs, contains costs for EE and optimizes customer service, improving the corporate image.

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