H2O is Innovation

New product guide and Innovation Showcase

H2O offers exhibitors plenty of opportunity to promote an awareness of their technological innovations and new products amongst industry professionals, the scientific community and institutions.

More than 140
new products will be presented by exhibitor companies, serving as a showcase for the 13th International exhibition of technologies for treatment and distribution of drinking water and treatment of wastewater to be held in Bologna in late October.

The new products and innovations will be published and promoted during the exhibition in a dedicated NEW PRODUCT GUIDE. This guide will be complemented by an exhibition entitled INNOVATION SHOWCASE featuring a selection of new products, inventions and functional innovations in the fields of software applications/services, pipes, pumps/machinery/plant and instrumentation chosen from the new products in the New Product Guide by a technical/scientific panel of experts.

The members of the H2O 2016 Innovation Panel are:


  • Ing. Marco Fantozzi, coordinatore, Rappresentante regionale dell’IWA per le perdite       idriche - Area Europa Sud Orientale
  • Ing. Marco Franchini, UNIFE e CSSI
  • Ing. Alessandro Mazzei, ANEA
  • Dott.ssa Liliana Pedercini, Servizi a rete
  • Ing. Claudio Anzalone, HERA SPA
  • Ing. Carlo Carrettini, Fondazione Aqualab
  • Ing Gianfredi Mazzolani, AQP Puglia
  • Ing. Roberto Zocchi, EUREAUX
  • Ing.Maurizio DelRe, VEOLIA 
  • Ing. Carlo Chiesa, Metropolitana Milanese Spa
  • Dott. Cesare Cristoforetti, CAP
  • Ing. Marco Mari, Ongreening


Be sure to visit the INNOVATION SHOWCASE and pick up a printed copy of the NEW PRODUCT GUIDE, which will be handed out free of charge to all visitors at the show.



In parallel with the Innovation Award, H2O 2016 will also be launching the Sustainability Award for the best design proposals from the scientific and institutional world and water service operators aimed at improving the sustainability of environmental technology. The most innovative and effective projects and processes in the exhibition’s three areas of development will be evaluated and nominated: Urban (Searching for pipeline leaks), Industry (Environmental improvement), Energy (Energy recovery).



OCT 2017

And so begins the demolition - the start of the BolognaFiere's new hall development!


APR 2017