H2O is innovation

ACCADUEO offers Exhibitors many opportunities to enhance their technological innovation and publicize their new features to an audience of business operators and to the scientific and institutional communities.


Through their participation at ACCADUEO, Exhibitors can list their innovations and new features in the “New Features and Innovation Guide”, the calling card of the 14th International Trade Show of Technologies for the Treatment and Distribution of Drinking Water and the Waste Water Treatment of Bologna. 140 new features and innovations were presented in the last edition.


The guide is intended to illustrate NEW products/services that will be presented at ACCADUEO 2018. The “NEW” products will be classified as:

  • INNOVATIONS (basic and functional): in the case of an innovation covered by legal patent or a product that improves an existing product (which redesigns it by adding new functions, lowers costs, decreases energy consumption, etc.)
  • NEW FEATURES: in the case of products with an expanded production range (e.g. new project, new design, esthetic changes, added sizes, functional changes)


Products/services presented will be classified in 6 categories (4 for Water and 2 for Gas):


  • H2O:        PIPING/PUMPS



  • CH4:        PRODUCTS

  • CH4:        SERVICES


During the show, the Guide will be accompanied by the H2O Award exhibition dedicated to a selection of new features-innovations that will constitute the final result of a selection process of new features and innovations by a special technical-scientific commission of experts from water service management companies.


The presentation of the selected innovations and presentation of the H2O Awards is scheduled for Thursday, 18 October, from 5 to 6:30 p.m.


JUN 2018

At ACCADUEO Nupi presents ELAMID, the pipe and fitting system in PA-U 12 non-plasticized polyamide


JUN 2018

Rubinetterie Bresciane presents the new Smart-Click valve at ACCADUEO



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