GIS data and systems for water network management

JULY 2018

Today, water network design and maintenance work cannot ignore Big Data, a source of essential information.


The increasing availability of spatial and monitoring data, calculation tools and digital platforms has opened new horizons in the water sector, where numerical models are now part of the most common engineering and management practices.


Creating simulation systems for planning and control of water networks is now an established practice, and in this context GIS platforms and monitoring systems are an essential component. Ever-increasing detailed knowledge of drainage networks also allows us to understand outflow dynamics better, identify the related criticalities and plan actions. Numerical models therefore offer the opportunity for better knowledge of water system dynamics. They are a core pillar of all planning activities and above all network and plant management optimisation.


Within this context of particular importance is the integration of numerical models with GIS platforms, which allows us to enhance specific functions of the modelling system with all the potential of the GIS, as well as the direct connection of numerical models with SCADA systems and other external databases. This allows automatic or manual management of scenario simulations for real-time operation.


DHI is also convinced of this approach. This multinational company with a 50 year history and a presence in 140 countries offers water management solutions. It will be present at ACCADUEO and will hold the event Models and Platforms for the Integrated Water System, scheduled for Thursday 18 October 2018. This seminar presents several speeches by qualified integrated water system operators on significant and innovative experiences in Italy and abroad.


JUL 2021

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JUL 2021

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