At ACCADUEO Nupi presents ELAMID, the pipe and fitting system in PA-U 12 non-plasticized polyamide

JUNE 2018

ELAMID is a complete pipe and fitting system in PA-U 12 non-plasticized polyamide, which meets performance requirements appropriate for the transport of high pressure gas, traditionally achieved only through the use of steel piping.


On the scene of new technologies and innovative systems for gas distribution and transport, aiming at continuous improvement of efficiency and cost reduction, ELAMID is positioned as an excellent solution proposed by Nupi Industrie Italiane and one able to protect and improve the already stringent safety requirements.


The innovative raw material used to manufacture the piping and fittings – named PA-U 12 180 (and classified as MRS 18 according to the ISO 9080 standard) - is an advanced thermoplastic technopolymer with exceptional performance as regards mechanical strength, chemical inertness and resistance to slow and rapid crack growth. Its ductility even in freezing conditions, low permeability to gas constituents, and excellent weldability by means of thermofusion, make it particularly suitable to this application.


Thanks to its characteristics, the ELAMID system is the optimal solution for transport and distribution of gas at pressures up to 16 bar, typically in the steel field of application.


Its characteristics also give it chemical compatibility with transported gas, corrosion stability in the surrounding environment, and piping flexibility and resistance to damage both in service and during laying.


Installation is easy, fast and safe, since it is done with the same electrofusion and butt-welding techniques used for polyethylene, by the same operators and with the same equipment.


ELAMID benefits from indisputable advantages over steel nets, such as stray current insulation, no need for cathodic corrosion protection, and a system connected by fully heat-sealed connectors which retain the same mechanical and chemical properties as the piping. ELAMID is particularly suitable for use in seismic areas and in alternative laying and reconditioning techniques.


Its guaranteed minimum service life is 50 years, with no further maintenance and refurbishment. ELAMID is manufactured and tested according to the requirements of the ISO 16486, Parts 1-5 standards. It is currently available for 32-200 mm diameters, with all types of connectors.



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