Rubinetterie Bresciane presents the new Smart-Click valve at ACCADUEO

JUNE 2018

Smart Click is the new gas meter valve with electronic lock from Rubinetterie Bresciane Bonomi Spa. Activated via a USB key, it is an innovative solution allowing user IDs to be managed digitally, avoiding the need for mechanical key encoding. USB user keys can be coded directly in situ with the aid of a tablet, and consent to re-enable users in arrears remotely without the need for an operator to go out. The electronic lock has a comparable service life to mechanical locks currently on the market, as the battery required to unblock the mechanism is positioned within the USB key. The Smart Click solution from Rubinetterie Bresciane also provides a potentially infinite number of combinations, raising the security level and making proprietary encryptions available to providers. The innovative Smart Click valve will be previewed at Accadueo 2018.


For almost fifty years, Rubinetterie Bresciane Bonomi Spa has been operating in the production of ball valves and accessories for plumbing and heating systems, specifically in the ecology and home comfort segments. The company continually offers new solutions thanks to its ongoing research and testing in the water and gas distribution and district heating sectors. This has enabled it to extend its product portfolio and offer the widest range of plumbing press and push systems (multilayer, stainless steel and carbon, cupronickel) - all 100% MADE IN ITALY.


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