H2O - Isle Emerging Technologies Pavilion, the place for the international emerging water new technologies


Innovation and the adoption of new technologies are fundamental for achieving an adequate development of water networks and industrial water management systems.


ACCADUEO has signed an agreement with Isle to create an area dedicated to emerging international technologies: H2O - Isle Emerging Technologies Pavilion The Pavilion will facilitate as the meeting point between the water utilities behind the challenges and the innovative solution providers. The pavilion aims to showcase promising new water solutions for the Italian market. This select group of water technology businesses have been vetted on market readiness, commercial viability and impact on water resource management. Below, some of the companies present at the Emerging Technologies Pavilion:


  • Air Water Green (Sweden): energy-efficient products for air dehumidification in all climatic conditions (http://airwatergreen.com/en/)
  • Inflowmatix (UK): solutions to support water network operators to control pressures and optimise the water supply service (https://inflowmatix.com/)
  • Pipecare-Curapipe (Israel-Italy): technology for the simultaneous and without excavation repairing of main trunks and injections (https://www.curapipe.com/)
  • Invenio (UK): patent pending system for estimating the flow rate through small diameter service connections that does not rely on a water meter (https://www.invenio-systems.co.uk/)
  • Riventa (UK): solutions for precision on-site measurement of pump, blower and turbine efficiency, and to optimize operational performance and maintenance (https://riventa.com/)
  • Martinek (Austria): innovative sensor-based solution to systematically force the recognition and reduction of water losses by open and closed network operation (https://martinek.org/)
  • SIS-TER (Italy): Artificial Intelligence-based platform to monitor, analyse and manage big‑data sets from the various components of the water system (http://www.sis-ter.it/)
  • Syrinix (UK): intelligent pipeline monitoring solutions for clearer network insights (http://www.syrinix.com/)

  • Hydropath (UK): physical water conditioning devices to improve flocculation, prevent struvite scaling and reduce biofouling (https://hydropath.com/).


On Wednesday 17th October from 10:00 to 11:30, visitors will have a special access to the pavilion through the Water&WasteWater Emerging Innovation Tour, a guided tour to review the innovative technology solutions on display in the fields of water and wastewater. The tour provides easy access to the Pavilion, explanations about the showcased technologies from an Isle technology expert and direct introductions to the exhibitors.


The tour will be organised according to the number of participants. For further information, please contact Andrea Piazzoli (Isle) at +39.338.8747691 or email: andrea.piazzoli@isleutilities.com or info@water-ideas.com.


OCT 2018

Today saw the conclusion of the 14th edition of H2O: An increase of over 10% in visitor numbers, 20% more foreign operators


OCT 2018




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