Hans Brand S.r.l.: RCA 4.0 - New-generation TV inspection

MARCH 2018

With clear video images in FULL-HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) and innovative VML transmission technology (patented), RCA 4.0 is the most modern sewerage video-inspection system in the market today.


The patented VML technology allows transmission of the digital signal through a sturdy copper cable that replaces the classic fiber-optic cables, much more expensive and delicate. This technology offers numerous advantages, including a better video-inspection image, fast, simple service, and lower operating and maintenance costs. It can also be used on long sections, and Raush currently offers the possibility to perform video inspections up to 600 m away, in conjunction with the reliable ELKA motorized cable-winding drum http://www.hansbrand.it/product.asp?id=366.


Another novelty is the use of two PCs: one for controlling the video-inspection system and the other for documentation purposes. The system can be controlled by configurable touch screen or via two practical USB joysticks.


The RCA 4.0 system covers a broad range of use from DN 100 to DN 2500, thanks to the use of the C100 motorized trolley http://www.hansbrand.it/product.asp?id=270 with the KS 60 HDTV camera (DN 100 – 600) and the C135 motorized trolley of the SERIES-M modular system together with the KS 135 HD TV camera (DN 135 – 2500).


Link: http://www.hansbrand.it/news_dett.asp?news_id=110


SEP 2018

H2O Innovation Award


SEP 2018

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