Is the event open only to buyers or also to the public?

How do I obtain the entrance ticket?

Is the entrance ticket daily or valid for the entire duration of the event?

Can I go directly to the event with my entrance ticket?

What should I do if I receive a free invitation ticket?

Is the free invitation ticket convertible at the ticket office of the exhibition centre or do I have to register online and print it?

What can I do if I am unable to validate the code on the free invitation ticket that I received and unable to print the ticket at home?

What buses go to the fair from the Central Railway Station of Bologna?

If during the day I need to leave the exhibition center can I re-enter again on the same day?

Does the entrance ticket include a free of charge parking lot for the entire duration of the exhibition?

What are the opening and closing hours?

By using the same entrance ticket can I visit also the other exhibitions held on the same days?

Which is the nearest entrance to pavilions occupied by ACCADUEO?

Which paviliuons are occupied by ACCADUEO?

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