H2O Award 2018

H20 is synonymous with innovation: the 2018 edition again devotes ample space to the innovations proposed by manufacturers of components and equipment.


H20 Award offers an optimal response to market demand, especially the needs of the sector, and provides a stage that enhances technological innovation and the technical-scientific developments available to water utilities.


Exhibitors will present 94 innovations at the 14th International Trade Show on the Treatment and Distribution of Drinking Water, Sewage Treatment, and Gas Distribution.


A special technical-scientific commission of experts has selected 17 of those 94 innovations to receive the “H20 Award”, highlighting the following market trends:


  • the software-services application sector has seen the greatest number of innovative solutions proposed, focusing, among other things, on the reduction of energy costs and improved operating efficiency on all the infrastructure of the water cycle; new diagnostic and monitoring services; web applications for modelling, and multi-service software for automating remote metering and management processes.
  • the H2O: pipelines-sumps sector expands the product range for renewing existing aqueducts without excavation; innovative piping and fitting systems; expands the range of vents and sleeves for the rapid repair of pipelines; new piping with built-in securing systems.
  • innovations in the H2O: pumps, machinery, and systems sector concern: innovative solutions for the treatment of legionella with eco-sustainable products; new intelligent mixers; new valves for better seals in pipelines, and hydraulic pilots to control pressure in the networks.
  • the H2O: instruments sector oriented toward the IoT world with flexible connectivity, it expands the range of products for measuring bacterial load; systems for the geo-referential mapping of buried networks; magnetic flow rate meters for measuring flow rates; integrated solutions for monitoring fundamental parameters of drinking water.
  • The CH4: products sector primarily concerns products for the digitized management of user IDs; new systems for gas distribution pipelines, expanding the range of repair collars.
  • The CH4: services sector oriented toward systems that can be installed on drones for locating gas leaks and instruments for economic-financial modelling of local gas utilities.


Check out the practical and complete New Products Guide 2018 and find out below the 17 news selected for the Award.


Pergam Italia S.r.l.

Invention/fundamental advance

Pad. 21 Stand A/64



For two decades the Pergam Group, a world leader in the search for gas leaks from aircraft, has now developed a drone-installable system for gas leakage research. Pergam Italia deals with supply, rental and services

Utiliteam Co S.r.l.

New product

Pad. 21 Stand B/85



expected date of market launch 08/04/2018

ATEM BP is the tool Utiliteam recommends for financial modeling when managing natural gas supplies; it is the result of more than 5 years of experience in consulting defining BP for tenders. It integrates tariff models and the whole tenders regulations enabling profitability and score simulations, projecting to over 12 years. It allows to verify financeability and profitability of the initiative and evaluate possible strategic scenarios.


Benassi S.r.l.

New product

Pad. 21 Stand C/50



expected date of market launch 14/05/2018

Benassi S.r.l. brings to H2O the first liner ever made for the rehabilitation with UV-CIPP technology of gas pipelines for operating pressures up to 2 bar, following the first installation in the world successfully completed in the city of Genoa. The product was developed for the structural rehabilitation without excavation of pipelines used for the transport of gas, following a considerable experimental campaign conducted in the United Kingdom (WRC Approval).

Rubinetterie Bresciane Bonomi S.p.A.

New product

Pad. 22 Stand A/19 - B/20

SMART CLICK ball valve with electronic lock


Gas meter valve with electronic lock, operated and powered by a USB key (the battery managing isn’t at charge of Utilities), which allows to digitally manage the user IDs, instead of using the current mechanical keys. It is possible to code USB user keys directly on site, with a special ANDROID app, and to reactivate remotely defaulter users. The SMART CLICK allows to have a limitless number of combinations and it gives Gas Utilities the possibility to have proprietary key combinations.

Soritecna S.r.l.

Invention/fundamental advance

Pad. 21 Stand A/16 - B/17

Repair couplings with gas-approved NBR gasket


expected date of market launch 17/09/2017

TEEKAY Couplings now manufacture couplings with gas approved NBR sealing gaskets. As an example, our range of wrap around repair couplings can be used on gas pipes. The TEEKAY Repair Coupling is a high quality, permanent repair solution. The gasket comprises of leak tight lip seals, making this coupling suitable for use on pitted and corroded pipework. The stainless steel construction allows for pipe ovality deviations as well, which is key when buried pipework is repaired.


Isoil Industria S.p.A.

New product

Pad. 18 Stand A/12 - B/9 Collettiva IWA
Pad. 21 Stand A/56 - B/57

ISOIL INDUSTRIA Spa: New PIPE::SCAN monitoring system for the quality of drinking water, manufactured by S::CAN Messtechnik GmbH.


expected date of market launch 01/09/2018

Isoil Industria Spa presents the new pipe::scan monitoring system for the quality of drinking water, manufactured by s::can. Pipe::scan is ideal for monitoring in line the quality of the water in any point of the network for pressures up to 10 bar. Accurately measures up to 10 parameters, including TOC, DOC, color, turbidity, chlorine, pH, conductivity, etc. any alarm is sent in real time to the control room.

Maddalena S.p.A.

Invention/fundamental advance

Pad. 21 Stand B/20 - C/19

ElecTo Sonic Electronic ultrasonic water meter


ElecTo Sonic is an electronic ultrasonic water meter, specifically designed for smart cities. It offers flexible connectivity for IoT applications, and supports both short-range (wM-Bus) and long-range communication technologies (LPWAN). It features: free flow, brass body, dial made of automotive manufacturing materials, electronic counter, IP68 protection class, R800 ratio, DN 15 to DN 40. Information is available on the display or retrievable remotely for monitoring of consumption and faults.

Temi Tecnologie S.r.l.

New product

Pad. 21 Stand C/44

Sigrist BactoSense. New automatic flow cytometer for microbiological monitoring of drinking water


expected date of market launch 01/02/2018

By detecting 99.9% of the bacterial load in less than 30 minutes, instead of 1% in more than 3 days of traditional methods, it allows a constant monitoring and a timely securing of the water network in case of bacterial contamination. The total automation of the process and the maintenance in a sealed cartridge, rechargeable by the manufacturer, of the chemical reagents and samples treated, makes it a simple and environmentally friendly tool.


I.T.A.C.A. S.r.l.

Functional innovation

Pad. 22 Stand C/63



BIFIPRO: innovative solution for legionella treatment! Highly advanced technology to permanently remove legionella and avoid bacteria reproduction through copper and silver ionization system. Eco-sustainable solution with benefits compared to usual applications on the market: no use of chemicals , no corrosion to your piping, remote control, user friendly and easy maintenance, effective in eliminating any legionella or similar bacteria, quick return on investment. Rental option.

PR Raimondi Valves S.r.l.

New product

Pad. 21 Stand C/64

Spinning disc valve mod. PR TIME VALVE


The spinning disc valve mod. PR TIME VALVE has to be used for muddy fluids where standard globe valves, gate valves, butterfly valves and ball valves fails the closing due to the solid depots behind the seats. This valve, during the closing phase, scratches all the seats depots, cleaning the surfaces till the complete closure.

Xylem Water Solutions Italia S.r.l.

Invention/fundamental advance

Pad. 21 Gallery Hall 21 - 22 B/38

Adaptive mixing Flygt


The concept of adaptive mixing is born with the new Flygt integrated inteligence mixer. To the savings achievable by the use of high-efficiency hydraulic mixers and permanent magnet motors, further energetic and managerial advantages can be obtained by continuously adapting the thrust of the mixers to the actual instantaneous needs of the plant due to the daily / seasonal variations of the load in arrival at the purifier with a connection to remote control (Industry 4.0)


Centraltubi S.p.A.- System Group

Functional innovation

Pad. 22 Stand B/3 - C/4



expected date of market launch 02/05/2018

After several years of research and development, aimed at continuous technical improvement of the System Group products, Cor + was born. It is an innovative system composed by corrugated PE / PP pipes and double-shell junctions with CorPresSS technology, which is revolutionizing the world of sewerage, overcoming the concept of the socket joint. High reliability of seal (in / out) responding to EN 13476 Easy and economic installation Simplicity of dismantling Slip resistant

Nova Siria S.r.l.

New product

Pad. 21 Stand A/4 - B/5
Area 42 Stand A/6

cQuick - Encapsulation collar


cQuick encapsulation collars offer now a quick, light and viable solution to achieve a permanent repair of leaking AC collars, CI socket-spigot connections and any other leak which falls within the OD tolerance (i.e. EF couplers or similar). All installations can be made under live conditions without the need to shut off the water, re-pressurise, chlorinate, sample etc and with no disruption to customers supplies.

Rotech S.r.l.

New product

Pad. 22 Stand B/63 - C/64

Relining of pressure pipes with large glass fiber reinforced plastic pipes


expected date of market launch 03/07/2017

Rotech has renewed a drinking water pipeline DN 500 mm hanging in the bridge "Ponte Punta Penna". The 4,800 m were renewed with the DynTec system in 4 feeds (each 1,200 m). A PE100 pipe (DN 500 - PN10) was inserted into the existing steel pipes (DN 500 mm) suspended in the bridge. The DynTec system provides a reduction in the outer diameter of the PE pipe during the intake of up to 8%, with the new PE pipe expanding afterwards again and leaning against the inner wall of the existing pipe.


2F Water Venture S.r.l.

Functional innovation

Pad. 22 Stand B/47 - C/48

LIGHTHOUSE - robot at the service of water utilities


Lighthouse is a robot inserted in a metallic or plastic tube which flows inside the pipeline network and then is catched up. Its tail (adaptable to the diameter of the tube) has pressure sensors that can detect any leak. The entire route is tracked by GPS that allows to map the network and to return the vulnerabilities encountered. It makes it possible to prevent up to 70% of pipe breakdowns at least 3 months in advance. A report including the results is sent within 24 hours after detection.

Fast S.p.A.

New product

Pad. 18 Stand A/12 - B/9 Collettiva IWA
Pad. 22 Stand C/74

Aqualog-AW: the evolution in control systems for the water network designed by Fast


expected date of market launch 17/10/2018

Aqualog-AW is the latest control system for water networks designed by Fast. Thanks to an advanced adjustment system allows the control of the valves managing pressures and flow rates in different ways. Its innovative discovery feature is able to detect "water hammer" by monitoring pressure values and providing a detailed description of the phenomenon. Aqualog-AW is equipped with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPRS and the innovative IoT LoRaWAN technology.

Grundfos Pompe Italia S.r.l.

Functional innovation

Pad. 18 Stand A/12 - B/9 Collettiva IWA
Pad. 21 Stand A/32 - B/33

GCM: Grundfos Condition Monitoring


Innovative cloud based monitoring system, which unlike the solutions on the market as is able with a SINGLE SENSOR to transfer information on pump operation allowing predictive evaluations. (Examples of reported faults: dry running, cavitation, water hammering, Unbalance, Motor bearings)