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Combination air valve with rapid filling prevention mechanism ARGO 3F-RFP


expected date of market launch 10/08/2021

The air valve, entirely made in plastic, allows the release of air pockets accumulated in working conditions and the entrance of large volumes of air in case of pipe draining or bursts. In addition to that, during pipe filling, if the differential pressure of air increases above a certain value without control, the RFP upper flat rises automatically, reducing the outflow and consequently the velocity of the approaching water column to avoid the risk of water hammer and damages to the system.

Fast acting relief valve Gemina


The valve has been designed to discharge water from the pipeline when the pressure reaches dangerous values for the system. The product features an angle pattern body installed in a vertical position on a pipeline. The screw at the top, regulating the strength of the spring which keeps the obturator closed on the sealing seat placed inside the body, allows for a regulation of the set point during working conditions.

Wastewater air valve SCF 2


The underground wastewater combination air valve is placed inside a pipe with removable cover, whose base includes an innovative sectioning device. A drainage composed of a 1” pipe stands out, rises vertically and ends with a threaded ball valve. The single chamber design, compact and reliable, can be equipped with the combination version, combination anti-hammer and air vacuum only on request.