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Pad. 20 Stand D66 bis

Via Vittori 74
48018 Faenza (RA), ITALIA

A know-how of 40 years old in refueling stations BRN BERNARDINI srl, now part of CEDEM group and BASSO COSTRUZIONI, is knowned for know-how, efficiency and reliability in manufacting of LPG, CNG, LNG fuel stations. The company's main management is in design, construction and maintenance of fuel stations all around Italy and abroad, is knowed as the leading company for knowledge proprietary, patented and high-quality solutions. The focus is on low-impact fuels, particullary LPG, CNG and in last times the LNG. BRN BERNARDINI has builded more than 2000 LPG, more than 100 CNG and 35 L-LNG/CNG stations (and 5 L-LNG/CNG under construction) and is the national leader for GREEN FUELS. Engineering inspiration, reliability, research and passion for eco-technologies are the strengths of BRN BERNARDINI, so we are able to play as global contractor for the realization of new refuel stations all around the world
+39 0546 626760