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Pad. 20 Stand D58

Via Ugo Foscolo n.8
20060 Basiano (MI), ITALIA

Tecnocryo S.p.A. designs and manufactures cryogenic tanks, machines and systems for cryogenic fluids. Tecnocryo boasts a wide range of products to fully supply the production and distribution industry of industrial, medical, food gases and the automotive LNG gas refuelling. Tecnocryo invests its resources to develop a range of equipment dedicated to the refuelling of LNG for vehicles, hence supplying all components to the cryogenic isle in the gas station. The Company deals directly with the design of equipment, products and systems, starting from cryogenic tanks up to the pumping and evaporating systems. Tecnocryo’s equipment are produced in Italy and exported worldwide. The Company keeps in force all the relevant certifications, in the awareness that safety must be an essential value. Tecnocryo, excellence since 1992.
+39 02 95764120