Innovation and the H2O Awards

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H2O is synonymous with innovation: as in previous editions, plenty of attention will be paid to the new products from parts and equipment manufacturers in the Innovation Area.
H2O will ensure that industry operators have access to the most advanced technological innovations, selecting the most innovative products presented by exhibitors. Not only that: starting this year, the new 'call for proposals’ area will provide a platform for the proposal of new technical/scientific ideas, experimental technology, projects presented by start-ups, universities, utilities and companies that work with more than just water.


The guide to new products and innovation


H2O offers exhibitors multiple opportunities to leverage their innovative technology and to promote their new products to the industry operators and the scientific and institutional community that will be in attendance.
With their participation in H2O, exhibiting companies can have their new products and innovations included in the ‘Innovation Guide’, the calling card of the 15th International Exhibition of Technology for the Processing and Distribution of Drinking Water and the Treatment of Waste Water in Bologna. The last edition included the presentation of 100 new products and other innovations.

The guide is designed to illustrate NEW products and services that will be presented during H2O 2021. These ‘NEW’ products will be divided into:

  • INNOVATIONS (basic and functional): innovations covered by a patent or a product that improve an already-existing product (redesigning it by adding new features, lowering costs, reducing energy consumption, etc.)
  • PRODUCT UPDATES: products that enhance product ranges (for example: new projects, new designs, aesthetic changes, addition of new sizes and functional changes)



The H2O Awards


During the H2O trade fair, the ‘Guide to New Products and Innovation’ will be complemented by the H2O Awards, which will constitute the final outcome of the selection of updated products and innovations presented by the exhibitors, and innovative product/projects and services in water and gas services developed by innovative companies, by scientific operators and by the utility companies.
The H2O Awards will be curated by a special Technical/Scientific Committee made up of industry experts.