ACCADUEO, 85% of Available Space Already Booked

There is great interest and participation from companies in the water sector for ACCADUEO, the international event for water industry professionals, which this year will be held at the Nuova Fiera del Levante in Bari, from November 27 to 28, 2024. Registrations for the event are officially open: participants can secure access by booking their free tickets through the official website at the following link.

In July 85% of the available space is already booked: around 90 companies have confirmed their presence in Bari, showcasing the latest technologies and materials to support the modernization of water services, from reducing water losses to ensuring a continuous supply of quality drinking water. For more details on participating companies, visit the site.

Over 35 patrons are supporting the initiative: link.

The Platinum Sponsor is Acquedotto Lucano, Gold Sponsors are Idromet Service and Michele Battezzati Srl. Silver Sponsors: Acquatech, Lucana Utensili, P-TREX, Società del Gres.

The exhibition section of ACCADUEO will be enriched by a comprehensive program of conferences and training sessions (discover the program). Two days of workshops, conferences, and seminars will be dedicated to finding efficient solutions to combat the climate and water crises. Numerous associations will collaborate in organizing training events on topics of primary interest to the water sector.

During the two-day event, discussions will cover reuse, digitization, desalination, irrigation, recovery, purification, and all those innovative technologies that contribute to minimizing water losses, ensuring a continuous supply of quality drinking water, and modernizing infrastructure with a circular economy perspective.

These are all topics that have always been addressed at ACCADUEO, which in Bari will be brought into the reality of the area. In fact, the Centre South has specific problems and potential. With few exceptions, in general the water service in the Centre South is more inefficient and records higher water losses than in Northern Italy. We will seek to understand the reasons and find possible solutions together.

The key topics of the first day will be the new EU directive and the community regulation for the purification, treatment, and reuse of wastewater, with a particular focus on circular economy strategies. These topics will be addressed in a specific conference, curated by BFWE in collaboration with ISTAT. Also on November 27, a conference on the digitization of water and wastewater systems, curated by Associazione Idrotecnica Italiana in collaboration with Isle Utilities and BFWE, is scheduled.

The second day will focus on water supply and water use in the main usage sectors (civil, agricultural, industrial), existing critical issues, and possible solutions and strategies to be implemented, considering the achievable benefits (social, environmental, and economic). Additionally, during the conference curated by Acquedotto Pugliese and CSSI-Centro Studi Sistemi Idrici, performance indicators and the role of digital transition in managing aqueduct systems will be discussed.

On the second day, the results of research by Centro Studi Enti Locali, one of the patrons of the event, titled "Sustainability of the local water sector: innovation capacity and spending capacity," will be presented. The research aims to explore the future prospects of the local water sector, focusing on the most effective strategies to stimulate investments from public and private entities in the area.

The study will concentrate on the analysis of economic sustainability with a particular focus on the reality of Central-Southern Italy, which is increasingly facing water supply emergencies. Specifically, two key factors will be examined: the trend towards innovation in the water network sector and the availability of investments for implementing structural interventions.